Sunday, February 15, 2015

Running Windows 98 Games on iPad Is Possible

It is possible to play Windows 98 games on iPad and maybe even iPhone, but only if you understand how to install the Microsoft platform on Apple’s device. There is no need to add that it is possible to install Windows in iOS only if you are jailbroken and while this might sound like a pointless idea [you can play anything you want on PC, right?], you can just learn about the opportunity.

One YouTube user who managed to run Windows 98 on iPad Air 2 that was jailbroken at first posted a video with the achievement. He plays the popular-back-in-1998 Fallout 2 game on the iDevice.

The game is played inside DOSPAD application where touchscreen controls the mouse. Since typing is required, the user just connected an external keyboard to his iPad Air gadget. The gameplay seems very similar to what people played on PC about 16 years ago.

Does Fallout 2 run well on the modern iPad? This can’t be understood from the video, but the user Deekismusic [he is also met under 8bitsince86 nickname] assures that the game runs smoothly after it is optimized.

Whoever plays Windows 98 games on his iPad also shares the instruction how to make Fallout 2 and Diablo II running on Apple tablet.

Watch the video yourself:


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