Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Apple Supplier Responsibility Bans ‘Bonded Servitude’ Worldwide

Since Apple supply partners were using ‘bonded servitude’ on their factories, the new Apple supplier responsibility announces that such servitude is banned. This means that employees who are working on factories and produce parts for the iOS products should get better working conditions within the firms that are iPhone creator's partners.

It is true that Apple supply chain jobs for ordinary workers weren’t that awesome in terms of conditions. The company has been constantly blamed for horrible working conditions within its many Asian partner factories. The iOS giant [iPhone sales already jumped over 500 million units] even investigated the case and, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, was deeply offended by what the investigation revealed.

Apple bonded labor has been banned from now. The changes are being implemented. The California-based tech giant systematically bans ‘bounded servitude’ across the globe and wants them to saddle up the fees added through recruitment [previously new employees had to pay these fees on their own].

Apple believes that the supplier must pay the fee. The notification about such changes was sent to each supplier in the end of 2014, and workers who are involved in creating Apple line products should not pay the extra expenses any more.

This is a good change though there are still a lot of issues that have to be resolved in the iOS supply partner factories.


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