Monday, February 16, 2015

iPhone Home Screen iOS 8 Tweak Allows Apps Interaction without Launching Them

It is fun to supercharge iOS 8 home screen with tweaks that are available on Cydia store that doesn’t have any alternative yet no matter what rumors promise. Users who haven’t updated to iOS 8.1.3 which cannot be jailbroken and are still running iOS 8.1.2 or earlier versions of this platform can install one jailbreak tweak that customizes the smartphone.

What is the tool? Velox 2 is the iPhone home screen iOS 8 tweak that makes app interaction much easier. There is no need to launch applications from your home screen after you install this program.

What does it do? Firstly, you can choose any gesture to invoke it or use the default settings which wake it up when you swipe up. Secondly, the tweak shows you either notifications if the app has them or a specialized view.

This is easier to explain in examples.

For instance, the first image illustrates what the specialized view Velox 2 offers for your Settings application.

The second one demonstates how your Weather app can show you information even if you don’t launch it but instead use the jailbreak tweak on iOS 8 iPhone.

This tip is useful to users who need to get some information but don’t want to spend time on launching different applications. This doesn’t surely provide you with everything you might need to check inside the app, but it’s perfect for quick look inside Weather forecast and other programs.

You can adjust some setting of the program.

P.S. You can also clean up your iOS 8 Notification Center by hiding unwanted elements with the help of SimpleNC for iPhone.


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