Monday, February 16, 2015

iOS 9 Notification Center Example Surfaced in Concept

One interesting iOS 9 Notification Center example surfaced online. Apple is working on this firmware option and has already introduced a lot of enhancements for Today view and might also change some other parts of this tool. While its Notifications side hasn’t got any incredible changes yet, designers share their iOS 9 rumors and ideas what can be done in the future.

The concept with iOS 9 specs that include Notification Center was made by Mobile Creative. It is implemented on video, and we made some screenshots to share with you.

Will Apple agree or does it plan to create interactive iOS notifications for iPhone [this idea is introduced in the concept]? Can this option be improved in order to make story sharing, respond to text messages, tweeting and sharing news and apps just like it happens in some social networks?

There were rumors [which must be true] that Apple is already working on the next iOS 9. This new firmware will be most likely introduced at the WWDC event. Developers and risky users will be able to test the new version of mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad in the summer.

The iDevice giant has done a lot to make its platform and products popular and demanded in the market across the world. Now it has to improve its software to get rid of iOS bugs and problems which is probably impossible as everything can’t be tested. Some issues become visible only after millions of people install the firmware on their devices.


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