Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to Turn off Facebook Sounds on iPhone iOS 8 [Instruction]

iOS 8 users who are chatting and communicating on Facebook mobile application can disable in app sounds on iPhone or iPad. We’ll share a simple instruction with you. Follow it and you will easily turn off the annoying sounds if you want the program to be silent and stop making that chirping sound effects each time it refreshes animation.

This in-app sounds on Facebook turn off guide is fast and works for all iDevices. Not all users actually noticed when the iPhone program added sounds to new tab launching or post liking. If you are ok with these sounds, don’t disable them, but if you wish everything to be calm and quiet you can take some time and adjust the settings for your personal likes.

How to Turn Off Facebook Sounds on iPhone

Once again, this instruction supports the modern iOS 8 firmware and all gadgets that are running iOS 8.1.3 or any previous version, including iOS 8.1.2, 8.1.1, 8 etc.

Step 1. You should take your Apple smartphone or tablet in your hands to start.

Step 2. Open Facebook iOS 8 application.

Step 3. Find the More menu. It is located in the bottom right part of the screen.

Step 4. You have to scroll down a bit. Find Settings menu in Facebook.

Step 5. Click on Sounds option.

Step 6. You will find a toggle right near In-app Sound menu which you can enable or disable. If you want to get rid of the sound effects just turn it off and you’ll feel great.

Step 7. You can now continue chatting on Facebook iOS 8 on your iPhone or iPad and hear no sounds at all.


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