Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How to Move Multiple App Icons on iOS 8 iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]

If you wish to move app icons on iPhone 6 in the easiest way, you can download iOS 8 jailbreak tweak from Cydia [by the way, Saurik has recently updated Cydia store design] which is responsible for simple and fast multiple folders / icons movement on iDevices.

This is useful when you need to move all app icons on iPhone at once [that are located on the same page] or just work with a lot apps at the same time instead of moving them one by one. This saves your time and it is really easy-to-use. The jailbreak tweak is known as MultiIconMover+ and it supports iOS 8 devices.

How to Move Multiple App Icons on iPhone

Firstly, you can get MultiIconMover for free as the original iOS 8 tweak costs no money on Cydia. Secondly, you can go for the paid version of it which is called MiltiIconMover+ which is the same tweak but it comes with more features, including the ability to move folders, for $0.99.

Step 1. Download the version you wish to use. You can find it on Cydia BigBoss repository.

Step 2. The app will install its own pane to your Settings where you can customize it. You will find folders, appearance and icons sections [for the + version of the tweak].

Step 3. To move apps / folders you should enable the tweak.

Step 4. Long hold on any application icon to enter wiggle mode.

Step 5. Click on the apps / folders on your iOS 8 Home screen that you want to move. You will see either a numbered badge or a checkmark that indicates you can continue.

Step 6. Go to the page where you wish to locate all the selected icons or folders. Click on your Home button and all the apps will be moved.

This is an interesting and must-have tweak [especially its free version] for all iOS 8 jailbroken iPhone users who like to move app icons from page to page.

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