Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.2 Beta Using TaiG on iPhone and iPad

It took Chinese hackers a while before they found a way how to update their TaiG tool which can jailbreak iOS 8.2 iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / 5S / 5c / 5 / 4S and iPad, iPod touch. This program supported iOS 8.1.2 but failed to work on the iOS 8.1.3 which is the current public version of Apple mobile firmware for iDevice owners.

iOS 8.2 jailbreak TaiG supports beta 1 and beta 2 at the moment. It is mostly released for devs as they can test Apple betas before they come as public launch. If you managed to update to iOS 8.2 beta without UDID and wish to jailbreak, you can also do this. We’ll post a guide which supports Windows computers but you are doing everything at your own risk. Please, remember about this.

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.2 Beta with TaiG

Step 1. Download TaiG 1.3.0 version which works on the beta 1 and beta 2 of iOS 8.2. I will work on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Download iOS 8.2 beta 1 or iOS 8.2 beta 2 if you don’t have it installed but wish to. If you are running one of these betas, you are ok to continue. It is better to download iOS 8.2 beta 2 because, according to hacker iH8sn0w, this version has no expiration date which means you can jailbreak once and wait till the next public firmware release along with jailbreak tool. Note that Cydia tweaks might not be compatible with this firmware though.

Step 3. Backup your iPhone or iPad through iTunes. The jailbreak is untethered but it is safer to have a backup file.

Step 4. Turn off anti-virus and firewalls while you jailbreak. Connect to the internet on Windows.

Step 5. Unzip the TaiG file you have downloaded.

Step 6. Connect the iDevice to your PC through USB.

Step 7. Go to Settings and first disable Passcode in Touch ID & Passcode and then Find my iPhone in iCloud tab.

Step 8. Launch the TaiG .exe file as an Administrator by right clicking on this program and choosing such an option.

Step 9. Once the tool recognizes your smartphone you have to uncheck TaiG App Store box.

Step 10. To start, press on the green button. Wait till the jailbreak completes. Sometimes it can take moments and sometimes it can be around 30 minutes before everything is done.

Step 11. Your gadget should reboot on its own. Don’t do anything.

Step 12. You should find Cydia on your Home screen once the iOS 8.2 beta jailbreak is over.

That’s it. But you have to remember to turn on your Find My iPhone and Passcode.


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