Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to Easily Add Widgets to Reachability View on iOS 8 [Jailbreak Tweak]

We have already showed you how to add Weather to Reachability view on iOS 8 platform and now it is time to speak about other widgets you can add to it. This can be done on any jailbroken iPhone 6, 6 Plus and other models. Simply follow our instruction and you will add widgets to Reachability on iOS 8 with ease.

There are a lot of cool iOS 8 Reachability tweaks on Cydia. This time we’ll talk about WidgetCenter program that makes it possible for you to view your widgets right from Reachability. This is a great way to utilize this empty space and make it useful.

Here is how you can add widgets and view them:

Step 1. You can buy the tweak at $1.99 as this is the price of WidgetCenter for iOS 8 on Cydia right now. The tool is available for download at BigBoss repository.

Step 2. Install the tweak.

Step 3. Go to your native Settings app and find the new pane there which belongs to this Reachability tweak.

Step 4. Turn on / off the tweak.

Step 5. Decide how you would like Reachability view to appear: at the bottom or top of your screen.

Step 6. The Widgets menu will show four options you can choose from, including WCTime [this adds the animated analogue and digital clocks to the view], WCSwitcher [it shows your App Switcher in Reachability], WCControl [this allows adding some options in the mini-version of Control Center along with brightness slider, Quick Launch programs and switch toggles], and WCMusic [this feature adds a music widget to Reachability].

Step 7. As you can see, the number of widgets you can add to Reachability view is limited but the tweak still has some cool settings and options you can use.

Step 8. In order to view your widgets, you have to invoke your Reachability on iOS 8 platform and switch from widget to widget by swiping left or right.

This iOS 8 Reachability tweak for iPhone comes with a cute design for widgets and nice animations.


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