Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How To Convert Files On iPhone Without Using Computer

Sometimes it happens that you need to convert files on iPhone and you don't know how. And here is CloudConvert that can do it right on the same device, without computer. The app can work with more than just video files.

How to install CloudConvert on your iPhone or iPad. You need to download the free iOS app, create an account. Then you need to upload the file from iCloud Drive to CloudConvert, and select the file format you want on the other side of the conversion. And then you can watch as the progress bar go through the process. After the conversion is finished you will receive for example iOS-friendly MP4 file to save to your Camera Roll.

The app itself is capable of much more than converting video files. It is noted on the website that the service supports 205 file types ranging from PDF to DOC, DMG, ISO, and ZIP, plus an even longer list of audio and video formats. In addition, you can merge or archive files directly in the app.

One big minus is that you need to create a free account. Also you’re limited to either 10 or 25 conversion minutes per day. Every file takes a varying amount of time to be converted, with the minimum amount being one minute. For example, the 3MB FLV uploaded file only used one minute of users day.

If you need to download large documents, you will pay $10 for 500 minutes. So now if you need to convert files on iPhone or iPad you don't need to use your computer just install CloudConvert app on your iOS device.


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