Monday, February 16, 2015

How to Change Color for iPhone On / Off Toggles [Jailbreak Tweak]

Anyone who hasn’t yet installed iOS 8.1.3 can still download jailbreak tweaks and customize toggles on iOS 8, move multiple app icons at once or do something else. For example, it is possible to change color on your iPhone toggle switch, for both on and off or one of them. This can be bright, colorful and superior cute.

Not all tweaks are for real men. Some changes can be girlish, though this particular tweak which is responsible for iPhone toggle color can be used by both girls and guys. Cydia [Saurik has already updated its design] has Tintch for this particular customization and it is free to download.

How to Change iPhone On / Off Toggles Color

Step 1. Download Tintch tweak from ModMyi repo on Cydia. Cool, it is free for you.

Step 2. Let’s add a fresh new look for your iDevice. Install the program and go to Settings where you will find the Tintch’s pane.

Step 3. Enable or disable the tweak.

Step 4. If you have enabled this iOS 8 customization option you can choose the color for your both toggles or select the color for only On toggle or only Off toggle.

Step 5. Developers allow users choosing the color through the color spectrum, RGB slider or by entering a HEX code. In other words, you are able to use any color and turn your iPhone toggles to the toggles of your dream.

The color you have selected for the Off toggle will appear on the switchers outline, and the On toggle will be colored inside.

This simple iOS 8 tweak adds the changes automatically. There is no need to respring or restart.


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