Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to Access iWork for iCloud without iPhone [Instruction]

If you don’t have an iPhone or iPad near you but wish to get to some of Apple services it is becoming possible to do so. The company found a way for users how to access iCloud without iPhone and it now does the same for iWork for iCloud applications.

You need to have Internet connection and a computer. We’ll tell you in details how to access iWork for iCloud with no iPhone. Take a Mac or PC and continue by following the step-by-step guide.

How to Use iWork for iCloud without iOS 8 Device

Step 1. You’ll have to work on Mac or Windows computer. Make sure you have active Internet connection.

Step 2. Make sure your web browser has been updated to the latest version.

Step 3. Go to website from a computer to sign up for an Apple ID. You can select Create one now option.

Step 4. Users who get such a free Apple ID account will be able to access Keynote, Pages and Numbers but not other features.

Step 5. Each new iCloud users gets only 1GB of storage.

Step 6. Once you sign into your new account you can work with iWork for iCloud and store your documents, work in them etc.

It is currently possible to use only the beta iCloud version but this issue will most likely be resolved by Apple in the future.


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