Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Comex iOS Hacker Working on Substitute for iMods

The community likes to follow the life and projects of famous people, and Comex iOS hacker is one of such interesting users whose work is curious to millions of iPhone and iPad owners. Right now Nicholas Allegra [we know him as Comex] assures he is helping the iMods team of developers who wish to present the alternative to famous Cydia store with tons of unofficial applications and games for iOS platform.

Comex Cydia Source Alternative

The rumors about the iMods future release have been wondering around in 2014. This should be a store with different apps and games that will never appear on the App Store. Still the store is only rumored to appear and, according to Comex, he is helping to make this happen.

If you are not follow Comex news and forgot who Nicholas Allegra is, we’ll remind you. He is the one who created Spirit and JailbreakMe tools in the past which helped to install Cydia with ease. For example, Spirit didn’t even require users to have a computer in order to become jailbroken because everything could have been done through Safari browser on the iDevice.

We haven’t heard much from Comex in 2014. He wasn’t active on the scene where he got his popularity. He worked for Apple for a while and then he joined Google. Now he is coming back and assures his new project involves the creation of Cydia Substrate substitute for the iMods app store.

Comex thinks that frameworks with powerful tweaks and jailbroken apps must be the open source for users. Cydia source is not open because its creator Jay Freeman aka Saurik doesn’t support this idea.

The development of iMods is still in early stages. This means that we won’t see the big launch any time soon.


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