Thursday, February 5, 2015

Big Apple Plans for New York Area: 2015 Apple Store Locations

Will App Store Brooklyn New York plan be implemented in April 2015 or not? At first, there were rumors that the iPhone maker is going to open the new retail store in this area, but it now seems that this might not be the case any longer. Where will the iOS giant open new stores in NYC this year?

As some experts believe, Apple has plans to open three big stores in New York area in the upcoming months. Apple Store in Queens seems to be on track while some other locations are running behind for some reasons.

Thus, Apple Store Upper East Side NYC opening along with Brooklyn location might happen later in 2015 than it was originally planned. The Queens Center Mall that should be opened in the near future should also unveil the biggest retail Queens outlet within a mall which customers of the New York City have ever seen. Will it really beat out ‘flagship counterpats’ or not? Apple is silent so we can only read rumors and predictions.

Being busy with its new Apple Watch product release [it is planned for April 2015] or something else, the iPhone maker faces development issues that make it postpone the opening of new retail stores in New York. Maybe the company is busier with store opening in China where iPhone 6 is now the most popular luxury gift and where the growing market gives a lot of opportunities for iPhone 6 and other iOS product sales. Who knows…


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