Friday, February 13, 2015

Apple Store Size Limit Increase From 2GB To 4GB

As it became known Apple Store size limit increased to 4 GB. Till recent time the app size limit for an app has been 2GB, so some developers may have had to make tough choices to make sure their apps fit the requirements.

As it was said above Cupertino company has made a big change today. Apple company has officially announced about that app size limits submitted through iTunes Connect increased from 2GB to 4GB. 

As a result, this new update provides a more complete and rich user experience upon installation and allows developers to use more media in their App Store submissions. Although, what it does not change is the maximum delivery size limit over a cellular network, which is still stands at point of 100MB.

Also on Thursday, Apple company said to TestFlight Groups, a new feature that lets developers to organize testers into groups. With this option, testers groups can be sent specific builds and separate instructions, while developers at once can apply an action to several testers.

In really great news about Apple Store size limit increase. Because it will gain more abilities to users iOS devices capacity. 

The enhanced limits will likely be also useful and valuable for high-quality game titles that required the extra space to show improved graphical effects or longer playtimes. For such game as Final Fantasy VII and others the 2GB size limitation has been prevented from being available on the App Store.

Though the maximum app size has increased to 4GB, Cupertino giant is still holds the 100MB over-the-air download limit that was introduced in 2013.


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