Saturday, February 14, 2015

Apple Secures iMessage / FaceTime with Two-Step Authentication

The 2-step authentication that Apple added to iCloud accounts [users are able to decide whether they need or don’t want to use this service] has now been added to some iOS programs. This includes secure FaceTime calls and iMessage usage as you can now add the two step authentication to both of these programs.

The two step authentication iMessage protection secures iMessage for Apple fans. Individuals who like to secure their account can add this extra protection in 2015. What changes once the 2 step authentication FaceTime and iMessage option is used by an iPhone or iPad owner?

According to resports, if you add this Apple’s extra security you will have to also add a code from you verified second gadget. Whenever you try to sign into your FaceTime or iMessage account you will have to provide this access code.

Secure iMessage Apple feature as well as FaceTime two-step authentication is enabled only when you agree to use it and have an account that already uses this procedure.

Still don’t hurry to use the new option as it is only being rolled out and this can take some time. You might be able to log into your accounts without having to enter the access code even if you turn on the new authentication option. This should soon change, so remember the code and protect your personal data and accounts using better security options when it is possible.


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