Saturday, February 14, 2015

Apple Presents Its TestFlight Groups for Beta Testing iOS Apps

Apple beta testing platform might have a big future with the company launching a new TestFlight group control. This way the Cupertino-based giant wants to manage its beta testers in a new way. What will Apple TestFlight groups be responsible for?

The iOS giant makes new changes to its iOS application development. If earlier developers were limited to 2GB size, they are now able to develop games and apps up to 4GB in size to submit it to the official App Store. This announcement has been followed by Apple beta testing iOS group presentation.

Apple calls its new project ‘TestFlight Groups’ and it should mean that specific groups will now start working with the company’s beta testers. According to the iPhone maker, it should become simpler for iOS app developers to create their programs as they will be able to send out their specific builds to particular individuals for testing.

If testers are organized in different groups, devs will know which projects are better to send for testing to a specific group. Such management of external testers through TestFlight should be easy and make the testing faster and simpler. Developers can work with several testers at the same time by providing each of the group with instructions and focus group.

It looks like the new group will work with apps only and not iOS beta testing. Apple has recently presented the public version of iOS 8.1.3 and released new betas for checking them for errors, bugs and possible problems.


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