Friday, January 9, 2015

Top UI Animations for iOS 8 iPhone and iPad

Fans of iOS UI animations are always glad to add a new application to their collection. Take a look at this list of the best UI animations for iOS 8 devices. These are truly top programs that are enjoyed by a lot of users and might interest you as well.

Most of the apps are free to download. Some are paid. Luckily, you are the one who chooses which one to install and use, so here we go. Enjoy!

1. Storehouse UI animation

This is a free program that can boast a smart and even brilliant design. The app offers cool animations and it is focused on photographs.

2. Design Shots iOS 8 app

This free program comes with tons of animations. There is a huge number of tricks you can choose, along with the fun circular animation that opens profiles.

3. Inbox application

It was created by Google. The free program is designed for users who have Gmail accounts. Note that the most fun comes when your inbox reaches zero which is probably impossible.

4. Facebook Paper

You can guess what this free tool is designed to do. It works with Facebook Newsfeed and can open links in the most awesome way though it has other cool animations as well.

5. Lush Drink animation

This is the only paid program on our list. It costs $1.99 on iTunes but you might like it if you are a fan of mixing drinks. The app has a lot of recipes and animates the drinks you will get.

6. Expedia no-cost app

This tool is cool for booking flight tickets and hotels. It also shows the cute loader while you are waiting for search results.

What do you think about all these fun iOS 8 programs?


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