Sunday, January 25, 2015

The First Fake Apple Watch Sold for $260 on eBay

What will Apple Watch price be? The real gadget should be unveiled in the spring of 2015, and while the company is still thinking about its cost for customers some Chinese sellers are eager to get rid of fake Apple Watch prototypes and earn well on such deals.

Would you ever choose Apple Watch buy online offer on eBay of this is said to be the ‘prototype’ even though its images don’t remind of the ‘fruit’ design? Someone was eager and paid $260 for the fake device in early 2015.

Firstly, Shenzhen company started to sell fake Watch at CES. Then a listing of this ‘prototype’ appeared on eBay. It was gone pretty soon. Just hours, and the seller found a buyer who agreed to pay $260 for the cheap knockoff from China. Whoever got it probably doesn’t even know this device is fake.

According to the seller, he got the ‘real prototype’ from a cousin who works at the iOS giant. But this information doesn’t seem to be real. You can look at the pictures of the watch yourself and it will become obvious to you that this device is not original at all.

Is a fake replica worth over $200? Maybe some customers think it’s cool to get the product before its official launch even if the device is not real.

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