Thursday, January 29, 2015

Shock: 240 iPhones 6 Stolen in China through a 20-inch Hole

Customers who purchase a brand new Apple smartphone start to think about how to protect iPhone from being stolen. Even with the introduction of iOS 8 in 2014 and iOS 7 in 2013 users who protect their gadget with the Touch ID 2-step Verification system understand that it could be possible to bypass Activation Lock and use the cell phone even if you are not its original owner.

The reports about iPhone 6 stolen gadgets always appear on the web. It can happen anywhere, and no one can guarantee that you will never lose your gadget. Some modern thieves become very creative and find the most unusual methods to steal popular devices. For example, three individuals in China managed to steal 240 new iPhones through a 20-inch hole. The total cost of these cell phones was around $230,000.

iPhone Stolen in China News

The recent report on the web states that three thieves broke into the warehouse in Beijing in mid-December to get their hands on over two hundred Apple iPhones in China. They did this through the hole in the wall that measured around 20 inches. The stolen gadgets were later resold and these people even spent most of the money they got.

Police traced the serial numbers of the stolen iPhones and caught the thieves.

You see that iPhones can’t be safe even in warehouses, so keep an eye on your smartphone to protect it from a potential thief.


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