Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Real Original Apple Watch Video Published on the Web

While different Chinese companies are selling fake Apple Watch rip offs, users can take a look at the original Apple Watch device. The video has been posted online and anyone who is interested in the ‘fruit’ products might be curious to peer inside the real Cupertino-based company’s world of gadgets.

The history of Apple didn’t begin with the iPhone. The firm tried to release different phone products but only the iOS smartphone became highly demanded and popular. The same thing can be said about Apple Watch device. This is not the first try in the watch category and back in the 90s, Apple brand wrist watch was a classic wearable that didn’t repeat the success of the iPhone or iPod touch.

This Apple Watch video shows the gadget that was released years ago. It was designed with a blue bezel, circular dial, colorful Apple logo and had no numbers. You couldn’t buy it on its own because the gadget was not sold individually. The company gave it as a freebie to users who purchased the Mac OS nearly 20 years ago.

All these models are sold out by now. But you can still watch the video and get an idea what Apple created in the past:


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