Saturday, January 31, 2015

iTunes Connect Issue Experienced by U.S. Users

iOS developers experience iTunes Connect error. The first report about this issue surfaced soon after Apple released iOS 8.1.3 update and the new iTunes 12.1 version. According to devs, iTunes Connect problem that appeared in early 2015 makes it impossible for some of them to access this platform.

It seems that the iTunes Connect issue is widespread. A lot of professionals say that they are not able to use the portal created by Apple specifically for devs who wish to manage their app content that is sold in the official App Store.

Since the problem is faced by different developers, Apple will soon fix it. Some of these devs have popular iOS 8 apps and games in the App Store and highly demanded apps in Mac App Store. As it comes from numerous reports, developers who try to log into their iTunes Connect account see third-party apps and cannot find their applications meaning they are identified under someone else’s username.

When the 2015 problem with iTunes Connect is going to be fixed, we don’t know. But Apple is surely working on it and will soon provide a solution to the issue making its program display correct information for iOS and OS X developers.


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