Tuesday, January 6, 2015

iPhone Camera Flash Won't Turn Off /On When Recording Video

iPhone camera flash won't turn off and on is one of the problem that users faced with recording video on their iOS devices. But if you have got jailbroken device it is always huge plus for you. As jailbreak tweak called Record ’n’ Torch will help to fix it. The tweak has been updated to support iOS 8.

Apple developed a pretty impressive camera on its new generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Both takes still photos and moving video. Smartphones got improved flash that allows to make more lifelike results. Although regretfully Apple company doesn’t put the option to turn on/off the flash during the recording of video. It is understandable the reason why they didn't gain this feature.

Limitations like this are the kind of problem that the jailbreak community love to struggle with. That's why Record ’n’ Torch comes to help the users who have got jailbroken devices.

As the name of the tweak heavily suggests, once installed, it will lets users to turn the flash on /off , when you’re well into the process of recording a video. For example, if you had started recording a video and realized that the whole scene is getting lighter by the minute, then you can turn off the camera flash without having to stop the video recording itself. It is really very handy, isn't it?

It is very important that you can download Record ’n’ Torch tweak for free. So even if you think that you might only use it once in a very long while, obviously that you will face with iPhone camera flash won't turn off/on. That's why it’s worth having installed it on your jailbroken device.


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