Tuesday, January 20, 2015

iOS Apps with No Backdoor Access to Be Banned in the UK

Any iOS app without backdoor access might be banned from the UK. In the light of a big tragedy in Paris [France] the UK Prime Minister promised to ban any encrypted messaging app [iOS, Android or any other platform] and these are not just words to scare developers and big companies.

Inside the U.S. different companies find themselves under the spotlight in terms of smartphone and tablet encryption. The same thing happens now in the United Kingdom. The horrible events that happened in the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo office and later in the capital of France [three terrorists killed 17 people within three days] last week shocked the world.

Now the UK government wishes to get the backdoor access to any encrypted iOS app or any other messaging service, chat etc. If they can’t get such an access, the programs might be banned from the country.

What iOS applications can this include? The list is pretty long, and it includes Apple’s iMessage service, WhatsApp, SnapChat and tons of other titles.

The UK might not be the only country that will take serious different means of communications from now on. Maybe the words of Prime Minster David Cameron are just a part of his re-election process. People value their security but will they allow the government to access any conversation with ease?

It will surely be interesting to follow the news and find out what happens next.

The U.S. government figures have been talking about encryption for a while. Different structures raise their concerns regarding app encryption on mobile devices. Apple ensures that no one can access its client’s messages, but will we ever know the truth?


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