Saturday, January 24, 2015

iOS 8 and Family Sharing Add 1 Million New iBooks Customers a Week

iOS 8 along with Family Sharing feature was introduced back in September, 2014. The new platform and its options quickly became popular. More than half of active iPhone and iPad devices are running iOS 8 and its versions. Now Apple news mentions that the company’s iBooks gets nearly 1 million new consumers each week thanks to the update.

Such iBooks news can mean only one thing. Being a popular iOS company Apple is now becoming a high demanded source for digital content. It successfully develops its iBooks platform and attracks more and more readers thanks to both iOS 8 Family Sharing and the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

As iBooks Store Director [Keith Moerer] mentions, this app is preinstalled on the new smartphones and tablets that are running iOS 8. Users not only have it but also use it. At least, the company reports that it sees nearly 1 million new customers a week since September, 2014.

Users are more eager to purchase iBooks thanks to Family Sharing option which allows family members sharing the files and content they buy with up to six accounts.

Who is reading more? As Moerer says, Japan is leading here. This is the quickest growing market for iBooks. The market in Canada also grows well. Nothing was said about U.S. readers but judging by the high sales in the App Store in the first week of 2015 and the incredible demand for the iPhone 6 and other smartphones, a lot of Americans also like to read iBooks.


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