Monday, January 12, 2015

iOS 8 Adoption Rate Climbs to Nearly 70 Percent

iOS 8 adoption stats were updated in January 2015 and show the new results. The first launch of iOS 8 wasn’t as popular as the release of iOS 7 in 2013. Users didn’t hurry to update to this firmware version and preferred staying on the previous OS that could be jailbroken.

Soon iOS 8 adoption rate flew up. The Cupertino-based giant shared the report in November 2014 saying that about 56 percent of active iDevices around the world were successfully running different versions of iOS 8.

The latest iOS 8 adoption Apple report shared in January 2015 shows the new figures. More users have updated to this platform and most active iPhone and iPad users have already installed the newest mobile firmware created by the California-based company.

As the report mentions, 68 percent of activate gadgets are upgraded to iOS 8. The information was pulled from the App Store and it is based on the devices that are connected to iTunes. Less than 30 percent of these smartphones and tablets are on iOS 7. Only four percent of active iDevices are using earlier versions of mobile platform.

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