Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to Speed Dial on iPhone 6 with iOS 8 [Instruction]

Users who didn’t update to the most recent Apple firmware yet can now install iOS 8 by following this instruction. Even though iOS 7 Notification Center was pretty cool and offered different options, iOS 8 offers even more. Here is how to speed dial on iPhone 6 in case you are new to this smartphone and on earlier models of Apple smartphones in case you have just updated to iOS 8 or 8.1.2.

The instruction is not difficult. It won’t take much time to complete the guide.

How to Add Speed Dial on iOS 8 Device

Step 1. Using one widget you can add your favorite contacts to your Notification Center. Download Swipe Dial [Google it or follow this link]. It is possible to add three contacts without paying anything for the service.

Step 2. Launch the widget. You will see Add Contact option. Click on it.

Step 3. Select the contact you use the most. Remember that you’ll be able to add up to three speed dial numbers to access them from anywhere in iOS 8.

Step 4. Create the order for your three free numbers and turn the widget on. You should now see the contacts in Today view of your iPhone Notification Center.

Step 5. You can now enable the Notification Center and click on the contact you wish to call.

Sadly, it is impossible to message / FaceTime the contacts added with the help of the Swipe Dial.

If you haven’t update to iOS 8 you can compare the possibilities of iOS 7 vs. iOS 8.


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