Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to Save iPhone Video Messages to Camera Roll [Jailbreak App]

iOS 8 untether jailbreak gives iPhone users different advantages. For example, you can easily save video to Camera Roll on iPhone in automatic way, once you are jailbroken. Normally, all the files that people get in their Messages application do not appear in Camera Roll unless you save them manually which takes time.

Apple decided that users can find on their own how to save video to Camera Roll app, and there are jailbreak tweaks that are designed to solve this issue. If you take a look at MSGAutoSave8 you will learn that this app was developed by shared Routine to help iOS 8 owners get more functions in Messages tool.

How to Save Video Messages to Camera Roll

Step 1. Launch Cydia and find the free MSGAutoSave8 jailbreak tweak for your iPhone 6 or other model.

Step 2. Install the tool and start using it.

Step 3. The app works with both photos and videos on iOS 8 platform. It is similar to WhatsApp, and the best part about it is that it does everything automatically. Any image / video you receive through Messages automatically appears in your Camera Roll. You can also watch your files later on through Photos program.

P.S. Once you get the app it will add its pane to Settings app where you can turn on / off this tweak. Your Messages files can be saved either automatically or through your confirmation. Choose the options you like and adjust your iDevice to your personal needs. It is surely fun when you can save some time on such things as saving images and videos, isn’t it?


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