Sunday, January 4, 2015

How To Install Allarm Tweak On The Jailbroken Device

You should know how to install Allarm tweak on your iDevice even in case you are not a morning person and need to set alarms in order to get up early to work , to school or etc. Allarm is a brand new Cydia tweak that lets you to turn on and off all alarms just in one click. This tweak is compatible with iPhones and iPod touches that run iOS 8.

After you have installed this tweak , when you set an alarm you will see a handy Toggle All Alarms switch button at the top of the alarm clock tab in the stock Clock app. It is very simple functional tweak that will save a few seconds every night. In case you need to set back to back alarms for every half hour with help of this tweak you can turn on or off all the alarms. It is very useful for lazy and sleepy persons who have to set few alarms to finally wake up .

You can think that there is other way to do this. And you know it. Ask Siri for help, just say Enable or Disable all alarms and it will do it. Siri does the same work as Allarm tweak. So, is this a helpful tweak? Maybe for some persons.

Two big Allarm's minuses are that it only works on jailbroken iOS 8 or later devices and sadly is not compatible with iPad. Right now the tweak is available in Cydia for free.


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