Friday, January 9, 2015

How to Get Zephyr Multitasking Gestures on iOS 8 iPhone

Older iPhone users who used to jailbreak a couple of years ago remember a popular app called Zephyr that brought some cool multitasking gestures to the iDevice. This tweak however wasn’t updated to support iOS 7 or iOS 8, but there is a different program that does the job. It was developed by Ma Jun and it brings multitasking gestures to iOS 8 firmware.

Similar to Zephyr multitasking gestures are brought by Tage. This app is available on Cydia. It has its own options as well, so this is not just Zephyr’s copy. But you can turn on multitasking gestures on firmware 8 without clicking on Home button.

How to get new features

Step 1. Download Tage from Cydia Big Boss repository. It costs $1.99 and works on both iOS 8 and 7 gadgets.

Step 2. Intall the jailbreak tweak and start using its options. There are five gestures you can enjoy. The app brings its own pane to Settings where you can assign the swipes in different areas of your screen to different actions.

Step 3. If you are not sure if these are multitasking gestures you wished to get, use the 3-day free trial before buying the tool.

What exactly Tage offers you doing on iOS 8 smartphone? You can swipe from left, from right, from bottom, center and top and launch particular programs, close applications, switch between apps, lock your cell phone, etc.

If you swipe down your Springboard in App Switcher you bring the pop-up menu with a lot of options, including the possibility to close all applications, close background programs, lock the gadget, respring or reboot it, turn off your iPhone and other features.

There are a lot of configurations you can play with and adjust the iOS 8 jailbreak tweak to your needs.


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