Monday, January 5, 2015

Hackers Reproduce German Minister Apple Touch ID Fingerprint by Picture

The news about Apple Touch ID fingerprint hacked has sounded in the past when hackers found a way to recreate real fingerprint copy through a complicated and long process [they had the original fingerprint]. Now they go further and reproduce the fingerprint of Ursula von der Leyen [she is Defense minister in Germany] using only the public image!

Jan Krissler who is known as “Starbug” reported that he was able to hack Ursula’s thumbprint using a number of photographs that captured the thumb from different angles. The news was revealed at the annual conference of the Chaos Computer Club [it is held in Hamburg, Germany].

In order to create a fake fingerprint, the hacker used VeriFinger program. It is worth to mention that Starbug had the close-up picture of minister’s thumb. Thus he was able to do everything even without the original fingerprint.

Krissler made the replica to show that Apple Touch ID fingerprint as well as other biometric security systems are weak. According to hacker, it is better to use passwords than rely on biometric feature.

While it is possible to replicate anyone’s fingerprint and unlock iPhone Touch ID smartphone, the whole thing is not that easy. It still takes days and maybe even weeks to fake the fingerprint and not every hacker can repeat the whole procedure and successfully hack the gadget. Ordinary users can be safe from such procedures because the process is expensive and complicated.

Besides, the hacker has to first get the user’s iPhone and images or fingerprints of the original owner before he can actually hack it.


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