Monday, January 19, 2015

Awesome iOS 9 Concept with New Settings [Watch Video]

The next WWDC 2015 will be held in June, but iOS 9 rumors already surface along with iOS 9 concept that shows the new Home screen, updated Settings, Night Mode and other interesting ideas. Apple is definitely working on its new firmware version, but developers and users will learn the truth about it only in several months from now.

The official iOS 9 release date will be sometime in the fall of 2015. Till then you can only dream and imagine what you’d like to change in this mobile operating system for iPhone and other iDevices.

The concept we want to share with you was created by Ralph Theodory. It is posted on YouTube and anyone can see what the designer meant and how he sees the next iOS 9:

The concept for iOS 9 by Theodory features some fun options. For example, you can close all iOS applications by one swipe from up the screen in your application switcher. Something similar is now possible only on iOS 8 jailbroken devices that have useful Cydia tweaks on them.

The imaginative firmware also has the Night mode which allows to adjust the brightness to your comfortable level while reading in the night.

The designer also thought about Settings application where he added search option and history of changes which you can revert back.

The iOS 9 Home screen reminds of the not-yet-released Apple Watch. This won’t probably happen, but this is a concept anyways.

Have you watched the video? Do you like such changes?


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