Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Apple Fixes Its 14 Day Refund Policy in the EU

The recently introduced Apple 14 day return policy for UK and EU users which happened in the beginning of 2015 could make it possible for customers to purchase paid iOS 8 apps and games, play and use them for up to 14 days and return asking for the refund [but not deleting the application from the smartphone or tablet and keep using it for free without the possibility to update].

Apple has fixed this and offers some steps that should prevent people from abusing Apple 14 day refund policy. The Cupertino-based giant has decided to take the right to request refund for customers who have a track record of abusing this option.

iPhone and iPad owners who will use the 14-day refund option often will see a pop-up message when they purchase a new book, app or game through the App Store. It will tell them they have to give up the right on getting the refund for the application later on. In other words, anyone who abuses the rule too often will not be able to use the return possibility in the future.

There will be no way to overcome the pop-up message, because if you select ‘Cancel’ when you are asked to give up the refund option you will not buy the program until you agree to ‘Buy’ and never return it.

It’s a smart step from Apple as it helps to protect iOS 8 developers and the whole ‘fruit’ ecosystem carefully created and improved by the Cupertino-giant for many years in a row.

What do you think about such changes?


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