Sunday, January 18, 2015

Apple Deactivates iTunes App Auto Renew Option in Europe

iTunes app auto renew feature has been deactivated in the European App Stores in 2015. This happened because of the price hikes in different countries across Europe. The feature was pretty cool as it allowed automatically auto-renew your app without having to remember to pay your monthly fees.

There is no need to search for how to turn off auto renew iTunes account option for some iOS apps because the option has been cancelled for some customers. The regional changes in the App Stores that were implemented by the Cupertino-based company earlier this year lead to iTunes auto renew cancel.

Local exchange rate fluctuations and new taxes affected the automatic renew process for the applications which experience changes in pricing.

It might not be comfortable for users who require this option, especially when they subscribe for something inside the application. But the price might change and no one can tell you how it can change in a couple of weeks from the moment you signed up for the iOS app. In other words, you’ll have to renew everything manually and maybe pay different price each month.

Frustration might come to users who can lose their monthly subscription because of the changes.


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