Thursday, January 15, 2015

Apple A9 and A10 Chip Manufacturer List for 2015-2016 Predictions

Ming-Chi Kuo who is well-known for his accurate predictions regarding Apple products shares his ideas on Apple A9 processor and future A10 chip production. This analyst from KGI Securities closely follows each step of the ‘fruit’ company and he shared a new report where he outlines the expectactions about Apple chip manufacturer names for 2015 and 2016.

According to Kuo, there will be a diversified supplier lineup for the iPhone and iPad A-series processors. The iOS giant is predicted to continue working with Samsung, TSMC and GlobalFoundries to produce the parts for its products.

Apple chip supplier for the A9 processor is believed to be shared between GlobalFoundries and Samsung in 2015. At the same time TSMC should work on the A9X production that should appear in the next-gen iPad versions.

Apple A10 chip production will continue in 2016. However, TSMC will be responsible for the A10 processors for the new iPhones and Samsung will handle the production of the A10X chips for the iPad line.

The company itself should be working on the chip design for its future ARM-based Mac computers. This might happen in a year or two from now.

So while Apple is focusing on its own AP development, other suppliers will work on its A-series chips for iDevices.

This report doesn’t mean that everything happens this way. These are just rumors and predictions made by an analyst who guessed a lot of previous changes.

Here are some of the predictions made by Ming-Chi Kuo.


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