Wednesday, January 14, 2015

App Store Prices Went Up in Europe, Canada and Russia

Different sources informed us that Apple had plans for App Store price increase in some countries around the world [Canada, EU etc.]. The company emailed iOS 8 devs and other firmware version developers [who submitted their products to iTunes store] and explained that due to VAT rates and exchange rates in some countries it had to rise the cost of applications for customers.

The updated App Store Canada prices as well European and Russian changes are already going up. How did everything change? How much will have local consumers to pay when they download an app or a game from the digital store?

The new App Store pricing in Europe did change. It went up to £0.79 in the UK and up to €0.99 in EU [this is the minimum of the application price at the moment]. If previously the minimum app cost in Canada was $0.99 [such policy is still active in the U.S.] it has risen to $1.19.

A lot of Americans are curious if and when Apple is planning to increase U.S. prices for iOS applications and games. The company recently reported that users spent nearly half billion dollars in the App Store within the first week of January, 2015. This proves how popular digital programs and in-purchases are.

The firm had to increase not only application cost but also changed the price on its iDevices in Russia. Local currency, ruble, declined in 2014 causing the Cupertino-based giant revise the cost at least twice and even take down the whole online store in this country for a while.


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