Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Stunning Apple iPhone 6 Plus Campaign in Japan

The new campaign by Apple in Japan has already started. This debut is titled “Let’s start something new” and highlights users who enjoy creating new content with the different products which are, you can guess, iPhone 6 Plus and other iOS and Cupertino-based company’s devices.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Japan ad also features the iPad Air 2 and iMac along with other gadgets. It also shows a big number of applications that are used by people in the campaign for imagination and inspiration. For example, photographers and artists are using Brushes 3, VSCO Cam and other programs for taking pictures and doing other things.

The popular iPhone 6 Plus is listed along with VSCO Cam app that allows creating great pictures. The new iPhone 6 is featured along with iMovie tool. The whole campaign looks beautiful and has to attract attention. It mentions famous photographers and artists [Austin Mann, Roz Hall and Marcelo Gomes] who highlight their works.

The iOS giant also mentions the advantages of using FaceTime feature, iMessage and other apps for everyday life and travelling. Everything does wow, and since all the works look stunning and bright, Apple hopes to bring new customers from Japan.

Will the company offer anything similar for its U.S. and other stores? We don’t know at the moment, but the Japanese version of the official Apple Store looks very cute right now.

Read Taig Team Interview To Get Better Acquainted

Everyone will have a chance to get more information and get better acquainted with Chinese group from Taig team interview. It was year ago when we first heard about this group. It was when the evad3rs released the evasi0n7 jailbreak, bundling the Chinese installer to their jailbreak utility for users in China.

To cut the long story short TaiG wasn’t what the evad3rs thought it was. It was clearly an installer that facilitated piracy. The situation led to evad3rs unbundling TaiG from their tool. At that time it was too late. Reputation was damaged. For everyone TaiG became the embodiment of piracy, not only in China but all around the world.

But after Chinese group has released the its jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1 this autumn all public was a little bit confused and surprised. Although after an authorized jailbreaker has confirmed the safety of jailbreak, we all quick forget about past case. For most people, having a jailbreak for the latest software version was all that mattered.

TaiG jailbreak became one of the most popular of the year, although the company behind it still remains quite a mystery, at least here in the US for Americans.

Who is the team behind the TaiG jailbreak? Here you will find useful information from TaiG team interview.

The TaiG was developed by XN. TaiG originates from ancient Chinese philosophy and in Chinese is pronounced “Taiji”. This team create a twitter account and fron there more and more iOS users in the US know about TaiG. At present time this team has cooperation relationship with only one company and want to build a reputable jailbreak brand. TaiG’s goal is to give users more freedom to use iOS.

XN stated that their jailbreak tool will work with recently released iOS 8.2 beta 3 software. He said that they are looking forward to the cooperation opportunity with Pangu team in the future. And added that they have been preparing “Worldwide Jailbreak Developer Meeting”. It will be held in China and will invite the top jailbreak developers from the worldwide to share and communicate with each other on January 16th, 2015.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Apple New Campus 2 Video Tour [Construction Progress]

A lot of iPhone and iPad users as well as Mac and ATV fans might like to take Apple Campus tour, but it’s best to wait a bit because right now the company is constructing additional Event Theater and a big Parking Garage in Cupertino. This is Campus 2 and the works have continued throughout fall and winter [finally the company will get is own place for media events. This year it paid $1 million to U.S. College for holding iPhone 6 event].

If you’d like to peer inside Apple Campus 2 you can do so thanks to video you can find online and great photos of the place made by different companies. The iOS giant doesn’t keep everything in secret, and ordinary users can use the benefit of internet connection.

Apple Campus video and aerial images show an interesting structure shaped like a spaceship. The basic foundations have been built and the process moved to the actual structure. On the shots you can notice how many cranes are working across the new Campus.

It is believed that Apple will connect its main Wolfe Road’s entrance to the new parking garage underneath. The works on building the channel which will serve this purpose have already started.

Rumors about the future Event Theater say that this building will boast 120,000 square foot, and Apple spends over $160 million on this center. It will have a new auditorium where the iPhone creator will host its media events in 2016 or 2017 [Apple wants to add different facilities, offices and parking garages to the main construction plan and it is expected that the whole center will be built by the end of 2016].

The new parking facility will have over 5,000 vehicle parking spaces so people who visit the new Campus 2 will find a place where to park their car. The iOS ‘spaceship’ structure still has a long way to go till we see the final result, but we hope that new pictures will soon appear along with more information about the buildings.

Take a Photo Without Camera App On iPhone And Record Video

Great news, now you can again take a photo without Camera app on iPhone. Want to know how? Here you will find the detailed answer. A jailbreak tweak known as QuickShoot Pro that allows you to quickly snap pictures is the way out in such situation.

If you don't know anything about this popular jailbreak tweak then you should learn that without launching the Camera app, it allows you to record a video and take a photo right from the home screen.

All you need to do is double click on the Camera app icon to snap awesome photos right away and triple click on the app icon to capture a video. It is really so easy and don't take long time to wait. Once it has started recording a video, you can then triple click on the Camera app icon again to stop it. The tweak also lets you to set Activator gestures for customizing the shortcuts to various actions of capturing photos, recording videos from anywhere in iOS, which is one the reasons that makes it more useful.

The tweak is compatible with all devices that run iOS 8 and higher. Although the developers have stated that using an iPhone 4 you could run into performance issues, especially with a lot of running extensions. It all can happen due to the lack of memory.

There are tons of configuration dedicated to QuickShot Pro in the stock Settings app. After you have installed it on your device you will be able to switch between front and rear camera, enable or disable flash, change the video quality of the recordings, HDR or anti-blue and much more.

If you are keen of capture photos or videos on your iPhone, you’ll find this tweak very useful. As you can very quickly take a photo without Camera app on iPhone. QuickShoot Pro iOS 8 is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.49.

Download The Interview Movie From iTunes On Apple Device

From now you have an ability to download the Interview movie from iTunes. Apple is streaming the controversial comedy priced the same as Google, YouTube, and other streaming services for $6 to rent and $15 to own.

The Interview is the comedy movie telling about the assassination of the ruler of North Korea Kim Jong-Un. Hackers who was tied to North Korea hack into Sony Pictures and steal terabytes of their data, and reveal thousands of the company’s email and internal memos to the public. James Franco and Seth Rogen play the major roles in the movie.

Sony stated last week, that because of lack of support from many independent theaters and secreted threats made by cyber hackers, they will not launch The Interview in theaters or online. Although after this statement President Obama declared his thoughts about Sony's plans to introduce the comedy because of the threat. Then Sony had released the movie on Christmas Day in more than 200 movie theaters and also online.

Due to the reports, Sony also asked Apple company on release day to stream the movie on iTunes, but at that time Apple refused. Although now it changed its mind and made the Interview available for renting and purchasing on iTunes in the US. The company suggested that the they simply didn’t want to work on “a speedy time table.” After iTunes Connect became available again on Sunday, Sony company has just uploaded the film themselves.

So if you want to join huge public of fans hurry up to download the Interview movie from iTunes and enjoy the great controversial comedy.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

How To Install AirDrop On Mac OS X Lion and Older

You can use this tutorial on how to install AirDrop on Mac OS X Lion version in that case when you are running OS X Lion or higher version and don't see AirDrop in your Finder. If you want to change it please perform these easy steps.

If you have the right Mac AirDrop is a breeze to use. You won't be able to it if your computer doesn’t have the compatible hardware to run the process especially in that case, if it doesn't have Wi-Fi chips capable of personal area networking (PAN) for peer-to-peer connections. Many Macs, even that have been relatively recent developed and many that can run Lion, don’t have those chips and as a result can’t use AirDrop. To change the situation and begin to use it you should install AirDrop on Mac OS X Lion following this guide.


These steps should be performed on any other Macs that you want to AirDrop with the older Mac.

Step 1: The first step that you need to do is to launch Terminal from your Applications: Utilities folder.

Step 2: Now please Enter the following text command into the Terminal window and then press Enter:

defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1

Step 3: After the second step is done, you need to enter this text command into Terminal to relaunch Finder:

killall Finder

Step 4: After you are done, you will be able to see AirDrop, that has appeared under the favorites in your Finder window.

You can easily reverse the text command by entering the following text command in Terminal:

defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 0

Saturday, December 27, 2014

How to Share Mac / PC files with iPhone 6 [Two Tools]

There are a lot of way how to share files between Mac and iPhone or your PC and iDevice. Thanks to different jailbroken tweaks and ordinary apps sold by developers you can choose the tool that suits you the best.

For example, you can share files between iPhone and PC or Mac using iMazing File Transfer application which is not free at all. Its price is pretty high, nearly $15, but this is the 50% off the retail cost. Users who decide to download such a program will be able to access iOS 8 file system and move files the way you need them to be rearranged.

You’ll be surprised at how to share PC files with iPhone becomes simple and easy. You’ll be able to move videos, songs, pictures, contacts, call history, voicemail and any other data between the smartphone and your computer back and forth. This way you can create iPhone 6 backup without using iTunes or iCloud. It is convenient but costly.

There is a different application that allows you to share files between iPhone and Mac. It is called AirDrop and you have most likely heard about it already. It works with iOS 7 and iOS 8 smartphones without any iCloud-connected programs [for example, you don’t have to use Messages] and Dropbox. On the newest iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite you can drag-drop files from iDevice to Mac with AirDrop and vice versa similar to iMazing File Transfer program.

It’s up to you which application to choose for easy file transfer between gadgets. Just discover the most popular solutions available in the market and select your favorite one.

Friday, December 26, 2014

How To Watch The Interview Movie On iPhone or iPad

Here you can find out how to watch the Interview movie on iPhone. As this over-hyped film won’t be screened in most theaters around the country. But you have a chance to watch it online. The movie is available for rent. But you can choose another alternative way to purchase right now from several websites, such as YouTube, Google Play, and Xbox.

Follow these few steps on how to watch the Interview movie on iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Step 1: For an iOS device, you will want to use some YouTube or Google Play Movies apps, all of them don't have the ability to actually rent the movie. You should do it from a computer and you'll be able to watch the steam right from your mobile device with no problem. Start from the desktop of your computer. Navigate to YouTube and search for The Interview.

Step 2: After that you will see a green button with message “From $5.99.” Tap on it and you will have two options. The first is to rent the movie for $5.99 or another to buy it for $14.99. Select the option which is most suitable for you.

Step 3: Unless your credit card info is already on file with Google, you should enter your credit card details and tap “Accept and Buy.”

Step 4: After that the movie will now be placed in your “Purchases” folder on YouTube.

Step 5: Now you can get the movie directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV from there. Just launch the YouTube app and go to your Purchases folder and enjoy watching the Interview movie.

How to Add Contact Shortcuts to iPhone Notification Center [Instruction]

Apple offers WhatsApp application that makes it easy to add contact shortcut to iPhone Notification Center. The widget is completely free and it gives you some awesome possibilities which improve communication and make chatting simple and quick.

In order to add shortcuts to iPhone Notification Center on iOS 8 you have to follow a step-by-step guide. Users who are already using WhatsApp iPhone shortcuts say it's a nice and great way for sending messages.

Fans of shortcuts can like this simple addition to their iDevice. The program supports both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and works only on the smartphones that are running iOS 8 firmware.

iPhone WhatsApp Contact Shortcut Instruction

Step 1. Go to iTunes and download WhatsApp for iOS 8 iPhone 6 or other model.

Step 2. Install and launch the tool.

Step 3. Allow the application to access Contacts on your gadget.

Step 4. Do you see the Add option? It is colored in green and when you press on it you are able to choose contacts from your list which will become shortcuts.

Step 5. After you have selected which contacts to make shortcuts, go to Notification Center and find the Edit option.

Step 6. There will be a green Add menu near Shortcut WhatsApp Widget which you need to click and select Done option.

Step 7. Now your iOS 8 Notification Center will show the shortcuts for contacts you have chosen in Step 5. If you click on any of the shortcut your WhatsApp will be launched automatically and you will be able to chat.

You might remember the quick reply / compose TwitkaFly tweak for iPhone. There is another interesting jailbreak app which gives you an opportunity to access all apps from iPhone Lock screen.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Install Auxo 3 On iPhone With Substantial Changes

Great news, you can now install Auxo 3 on iPhone. As this awaited tweak was launched with iOS 8 support. It was first released by A3Tweaks and now looks more refined than ever.

Some short information about Auxo. It is a tweak for jailbroken devices that revolutionized the multitasking aspect of the iOS platform, it moved back the default multitasking app switcher with a new useful gestures.

install Auxo 3 on iPhone

Auxo 3 offers a more dynamic and quick multitasking features. It brings in substantial changes to the roster, including ‘Multi-Center’ ,‘reachable display’ and much more. Together with iOS 8, the tweak is also supports the larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screens.

According to the Auxo 3 changelog, the tweak is consists of three major elements; Multi-Center, Quick Switcher, and Hot Corners, and they are all available to be installed on iOS 8 device.

The tweak brings a dynamic Multi-Center. Both the Control Center and the app switcher are located here. You can open it with a swipe from the bottom.

The Control Center Panel resizes based on whether a song is playing or not. Clicking on the Now Playing panel you will see the album art.

In case you need to switch apps more quickly than what the default app switcher lets you, than Quick Switcher is just a swipe away from the bottom of the screen. You can switch, slide and select an app in a quick and fluid manner. The greatest tweaks ability is to recognize your finger location to dynamically resize the preview window.

This tweak was earlier pushed in few short videos. And the rumors stated that it will be released at the end of this year. They were right and you can now download it from the BigBoss repository in Cydia for $2.99 and install Auxo 3 on iPhone.

How to Add Weather to iPhone 6 Reachability View on iOS 8 [Jailbreak Tweak]

Numerous iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks can improve your Apple iDevice experience, make it better, faster and more interesting. Users who like to check on their iPhone Weather app once in a while to know current weather condition for the particular location can add iPhone Weather widget to Reachability view which is supported by models 6 and 6 Plus.

There is a simple app called ReachWeather which does what you wish to do and displays Weather in iPhone Reachability view. This view is present only on the newest iOS smartphones and it has one empty space where you are able to insert Weather widget. But all these options are possible when you jailbreak iPhone 6 iOS 8.1.1 or 8.1.2. How nice is it to find Weather information while being in a different application? It is very comfortable and simple, as you will see the weather condition and temperature in the location of your choice. The widget will also show some extra data, including pressure and humidity, when you swipe to the left after choosing Reachability view.

Since ReachWeather Cydia tweak is free to download anyone who has used iPhone 6 TaiG jailbreak or Pangu can install it. The tool comes with its own pane where you can adjust the settings: enable / disable this application, choose Fahrenheit or Celsius, select your location etc.

Each time you will invoke Reachability you will find Weather information. Note that the tweak works inside apps only and you cannot enable it from Home screen.

You can also learn how to access all applications from iPhone Lock Screen at once and clone iOS 8 alarm with ease.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How to Turn Off All Alarms on iPhone Simultaneously [Jailbreak App]

We already told you how to create multiple alarms on iPhone 6 using the jailbreak tweak Clone Alarm, and now it is time to learn about another app which helps you to turn off alarms on iPhone [all at once]. Having several alarms is comfy for users who like to sleep in the morning but don’t want to be late to work or school. If you choose to jailbreak iOS 8 with Pangu or Taig, you can enjoy different Cydia tweaks including Allarm.

If you decide to disale multiple alarms without iPhone app it will take some time and frustrate you. There is Allarm you need to know about which makes the whole thing simple, easy and enjoyable.

This tweak works with your native Clock application and inserts a new toggle into its interface. Use this toggle to disable iPhone alarm at once with just a click. Believe us, it will take you much more time if you decide to turn off each alarm individually rather than using the free tool.

This new jailbroken app is so simple that it offers no configuration or additional menu. Here is how it works.

Step 1. Download the free jailbreak Cydia Allarm app.

Step 2. Install it on your jailbroken iOS 8 smartphone.

Step 3. Launch Clock app where you will find the extra Toggle All Alarms option.

Step 4. Turn on / off all the alarms using the new toggle.

Enjoy this nice tip and save your time for some fun as there is no need to manually play with each of your alarm [if you have too many of them set up].

Unlock iOS 8.1.2 iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 Using SAM, Ultrasn0w and IMEI

Below in the article you can get important information about the unlock iOS 8.1.2 iPhone methods. A lot of customers purchase new iPhone 6/6 Plus models with a 2-year carrier plan and then get rid of limitations. It is possible to unlock iOS 8.1.2 iPhone and in this article we will observe in details which methods are the most effective for you. Let’s see what is available these days for iPhone unlocking fans. The previous 5S, 5C, 5 , 4S smartphone models can be updated to iOS 8.1.2 and once again be unlocked with different methods such as IMEI, Ultrasn0w, SAM and Gevey SIM.

The latest iOS 8.1.2 version can be unlocked via factory IMEI unlock tool that is efficient but not free. IMEI can unlock iPhone without needed firmware because it doesn’t depend on your smartphone model and baseband version. Only the IMEI code is requires here. You just have to know what carrier your device is locked to and be sure it has been activated.

There are huge amount of companies that offer iPhone IMEI unlock for iOS 8.1.2 platform. You need to find the most reliable for you. Then place your order online and wait till the status of your device’s IMEI is changed to “Unlocked.” It is distant unlock and you can place the order using such service as:


This service is approved by Paypal and certified by SSL security company (the address starts with https://).

For sure you will receive the detailed instructions on how to connect to iTunes to finish the unlocking process. Because factory IMEI unlocking is similar to such iPhones allowing you updating to next iOS, basebands without losing unlock. That's why you will be the owner of a “never-locked” device.

Please note that factory IMEI unlock is the only way to unlock the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Is Gevey or other SIM unlocks suitable for iOS 8.1.2?

Hardware methods always depend on your baseband. There is no method to save your old baseband when you upgrade to iOS 8.1.2 and unlock with Gevey. At present time you should use other methods or not upgrade to the latest firmware till the problem is solved.

Is SAM is suitable for iOS 8.1.2 unlocking?

SAM or Subscriber Artificial Module is a method that briefly worked, and unlocked your iPhone. Although Apple quickly blocked SAM unlocking method. Now it doesn't works.

Can Ultrasnow be used to unlock iPhone on iOS 8.1.2?

As for today, Ultrasn0w will not help you in unlocking the latest Apple operating system for mobile devices. This tool should be updated before you can use it. This method isn’t very actual right now for many reasons. It works only with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and requires your device to be jailbroken. You’ll lose the unlock if you upgrade or restore your iOS firmware.

Download Best Christmas Apps for iPhone and iPad

Hurry up and download best Christmas apps list for iPhone and iPad. Learn more details here in this article.

It is just one day for Christmas and there are a lot of apps that bring you spirit of holiday. Let's look at them all.

Best Christmas Stories for iPhone and iPad

This app presents you select from a number of classic Christmas tales, all of which make for great family reading. It will be great sitting with children and reading exciting holiday tales.

Talking Santa for free for iPhone 

This holiday app will provide hours of entertainment to you and your family. As Santa will repeat everything you say. You must have it to make fun.

12 Days of Christmas – Polk Street Press Singalong

It is a digital storybook for whole family especially for kids and adults. It brings beautiful illustrations and animations.

The Christmas List for iPhone

If you hasn't prepared for Christmas yet that this app will help you to get your Christmas shopping done. It gives reviews of a number of reputable publications, and covers all bases as you try to get those last minute gifts sorted out.

Santa Hats for iPhone and iPad

If you didn't buy a Santa hat for this Christmas then this app will let you to add a virtual one to your photos. It’s clean, simple and easy.

Santa Tracker for iPhone and iPad 

If you want to join Santa's present preparation for Christmas delivery and interested in his whereabouts, this app’s definitely for you.

Appy Christmas for free for iPhone and iPad

This app has a number of festive options such as countdown timer to the 25th, a talking Santa, plenty of music. It also shares links to paid apps gone free every day.

Christmas app for free for iPhone

This app brings a number of interesting things as wallpapers, Christmas-themed music and jigsaw puzzles.

If you’re looking for entertainment for Christmas you need to pick one from download best Christmas apps list.

How iPhone 6 Plus Helps Shooting Impressive Holiday Videos

If you still haven’t purchased the new Apple smartphone you can see the main iPhone 6 Plus advantages in one interesting video campaign created in New York City [we have mentioned different photo app extensions for iPhone 6 earlier, now it's time for video possibilities].

The videos show how great this bigger smartphone is compared to smaller seventh-generation device because of its camera, and you can now buy iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with 1-3 business day shipping in U.S.

Really, you can simply purchase any cheap cell phone or even a popular smartphone and get a professional video camera to shoot videos. But think about this. How often do you wish you had your camera with you when you couldn’t catch an amazing moment because of your phone poor camera options? Having one device in your pocket instead of a low-cost phone and a real video camera is better if it helps you to create beautiful videos.

Even though this impressive holiday video was shoot by one ad agency in New York, it was still made with the iPhone 6 Plus video camera only. You can find different locations around NYC captured on the ‘fruit’ photo camera.

There are five videos in ‘Holiday Wonders’ campaign and each one uses the cool 240fps Slo Mo option. Here is one of them:

On the five videos users can recognize the Fifth Avenue and Rockefeller Plaza.

Can you imagine that there are no boundaries when you shoot the video with a new-gen smartphone? There are many possibilities given by Apple and compared to other gadgets, both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, deserve customer’s attention.

P.S. Have you already seen what happens to the iPhone 6 boiled in Coca-Cola?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

iOS 8.1.2 Compatible Cydia Tweaks List

Check all the iOS 8.1.2 compatible Cydia tweaks that you can get on your device. As Apple’s latest iOS version can be jailbroken using the TaiG tool. And if your iOS device is already jalbroken check the tweaks list. Users often jailbreak their devices to try tweaks that can be installed via Cydia. Of course that with every new jailbreak version the tweaks have to be updated to work bug free on the firmware.

If you were thinking whether to do jailbreak of iOS 8.1.2 device or not or whether your favorite tweak will work then this detailed list will help you for sure.

After the jailbreak process is finished as always you going to try out your favorite tweaks. In case they aren’t compatible with jailbreak version than it can course different issues such as bootloops, SpringBoard crashes etc. Every new iOS firmware requires the support for a Cydia tweak and hence needs to be updated.

Thanks for the very useful work of Twitter user iAdam1n, who frequently updated list of Cydia tweaks that are compatible with iOS 8.1.2. And now it is available to us.

This list introduces the tweaks that are fully and partially compatible with the latest iOS 8.1.2 version. In case when the tweak isn’t fully compatible it shows what doesn't work and what bugs are still present. The list also presents the information if the tweak has 64 bit support. At current time, the list provides characteristics on over 1000 tweaks.

The full list of iOS 8.1.2 compatible Cydia tweaks is available here.

iOS 8.2 vs. 8.1.2 Speed Test Comparison [Video]

Developers and some users who are now looking at the iOS 8.2 beta 3 features from the inside can tell you what this next firmware is going to bring to iPhone and other iDevice users. Apple is improving its operating system and fixing the current bugs etc. If you are curious to compare iOS 8.2 vs 8.1.2 we can share the speed test results with you.

iOS 8.1.2 is the current version officially released by Apple to all iDevices that are supported by iOS 8 [you can learn how to install 8.1.2 on iPhone in a detailed guide]. The next update might enhance performance on older gen smartphones that can’t boast fast performance in the current versions of ‘fruit’ OS.

iOS 8.2 speed test is available in the public video that compares the firmware version to the v.8.1.2 running on the iPhone 4S [this is the earliest cell phone that can run this year’s operating system, users with the older iPhone 4 are not able to install iOS 8 and up].

The device that you can see on the video has been restored to run 8.2 beta 3 and 8.1.2. You can notice that some applications are launched quicker on the new beta. At least, if you are using Messages or Facebook more often than other programs you will be glad to see them open faster.

Devs will surely share more iOS 8.2 beta 3 specs with us. For now, you can watch the video and compare 8.2 to 8.1.2 on iPhone 4S:

Do you see the difference? Are you excited to see this firmware release and learn if it is possible to jailbreak 8.2 at once?

How iPhone 6 Changes After Being Boiled in Coca Cola [Video]

The cool iPhone 6 iOS 8 specs and features that are one of the main reasons millions of customers purchase this latest Apple device for everyday use also make this smartphone a popular prank idea. One user decided to put on an iPhone 6 boiling experiment and… boiled the gadget in Coca-Cola.

Not only the cell phone was treated this way but the video with the whole process soon appeared on YouTube. Whoever did this to Apple smartphone seems to follow different brutal tests [there were a lot of such experiments in the past with earlier iOS models]. You might have seen the results of iPhone being bended, blended in a mixer or dropped from different heights.

Still iPhone 6 Coca Cola boiled video is probably the craziest idea and thing you have ever watched.
The video of iPhone 6 boiling in Coca-Cola has been already viewed over 2 million times:

You can see that the iPhone owner first boiled coke making it a syrup with mostly sugar in it and then dipped the smartphone into this state. There was the smoke [you can guess that the battery can’t stand high temperatures], and then the brand new cell phone started to look like a badly damaged and useless device.

What a waste of iPhone 6, isn’t it?

iPhone 6 Shipping Times in USA Improve to One Business Day

If you want to buy the new Apple smartphone for Christmas and you are aware of iPhone 6 scratch complaints that come from users you should know that the gadget is back in stock in a lot of stores. Besides, iPhone 6 shipping times in USA have improved to one-three business day for the 16GB and 64GB versions.

There is no point in listing all iPhone 6 in store availability places as you can simply visit your local retail store or shop online and have the device delivered to you in time for the holiday. The company has improved the shipping estimates for both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The 128 GB iPhone 6 is also in stock but Apple promises to ship it within 5 to 7 business days. Such situation was with all versions earlier in December and it has positively changed for smaller storage capacity smartphones.

Not only users from the U.S. can purchase the 2014 iPhone models online and get them shipped fast. Customers from Australia, the UK, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, Philippines and Thailand also enjoy faster shipping times on the ‘fruit’ devices.

If you buy a new Apple smartphone for Christmas and it arrives with iOS 8 preinstalled on it you can easily learn how to install iOS 8.1.2 on iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. This is not difficult, and you can follow the step-by-step instruction to run the most recent public version of mobile operating system created by the Cupertino company.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Apple Touch ID Security Will Get Tracking Finger Movement Option

Apple Touch ID security is going to be enhanced. The iPhone maker has plans to add tracking finger movement and offer even better customer protection. The news that the California-based company is going to change something with its Touch ID fingerprint sensor surfaced when the ‘fruit’ giant shared a patent.

In the document that was published by AuthenTec co-founder Dale Setlak, there is information about the patent app that can improve and make the current security option more stable and secured. This program should allow pairing the iDevice Touch ID sensor [you might like to take a look at the first batch of fingerprint sensor on iPhone 6] with the special combination lock or other security measures. iPhone owner will have to move his or her finger repeating the pattern that appears on-screen in order to unlock the iOS gadget.

No one can say right now how exactly the patent will work. The patent mentions different combination locks that appear on the display where the owner of the smartphone / tablet has to rotate the finger over the digital combination to unlock.

The patent was filed over a year ago, in the summer of 2013, and the technology was acquired by Apple back in 2012 though developes first learned about Touch ID in iOS 7.1 code.

It is surely interesting how the better security authentication can be implemented into Touch ID sensor and when Apple can take this step.

Guide to iOS 8 All App Access from iPhone Lock Screen [Jailbreak Tweak]

Direct iOS 8 all app access from the Lock screen is not a miracle. You can gain it on your jailbroken iPhone and launch any of the program you like with ease. The huge iPhone lock screen app list has a lot of different titles you can give a try, but if you wish to save your time and nerves you should learn about AppBox 8 jailbreak tweak available on Cydia.

By the way, if you are new to Cydia you can jailbreak iOS 8 with Pangu or use TaiG iOS 8.1.1-8.1.2 jailbreak step-by-step instruction first. Being jailbroken means having much freedom which allows you installing a lot of third-party programs you can’t find on the App Store. Cydia is an alternative to Apple store but it contains only jailbroken applications.

AppBox 8 is a well-known iOS 8 lock screen app that has been updated to support the new operating system. It allows users opening all apps of your choice right from your Lock screen which just gets an extra option you can see when you swipe your display to left while it is locked.

How to Get Lock Screen App Access on iPhone iOS 8

Step 1. Download AppBox 8 from Cydia once you are jailbroken. But keep in mind that it is not free. The BigBoss repo has it available for $1.5.

Step 2. Enable the application by launching it and going to General menu.

Step 3. Once the tool is on you will see the favorite applications on a new page after you swipe from right to left across the locked screen.

What else can you do with the jailbreak tweak? It has shortcut option and various configurations. The new page will appear in your native Settings application once AppBox is installed on your iDevice.

It is simple to use and this lock screen iOS 8 application comes with auto-unlock feature and other options you can choose and enable-disable based on your wishes.

There are a lot of other interesting tweaks you might like to learn about. For example, here is how to use AirDrop tweak on iOS 8.1.2 smartphones.

How To Use AirDrop On iOS 8.1.2 Devices

Here you can find all useful detailed information on how to use AirDrop on iOS 8.1.2 devices. In case you need to send or receive any file over AirDrop one well-known jailbreak tweak that is called AirDrop will help you to do all the work. At current time this tweak is fully equipped to support iOS 8.

The new AnyDrop 3 tweak is a successor to the older version of the same name jailbreak tweak, which brought the iOS 7 support only. But together with the usual iOS 8 update the tweak gains a huge amount of new great features.

The new version of well-known tweak lets you to browse through system or root level files. Additionally, the receiver, to receive files, doesn’t need to have AnyDrop installed on his device, which is a huge advantage.

After you have installed the this tweak on your device, it will do all the needed job from any app that supports the ‘Open In’ feature.

I think that anyone must use AnyDrop 3 on their jailbroken iOS 8.1.2 devices according to opportunities that it gives.

Just imagine how the work process will go fast sharing a DEB file with another iOS device over AirDrop and installing the app right there and then through a file explorer such as iFile.

AnyDrop 3 is available for $2.49 from the BigBoss repository in Cydia for iOS 7 and iOS 8. So try once this useful tweak on your jailbroken iPhone and you definitely don't want to get rid of it.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

How to Clone iOS 8 Alarm on iPhone [Jailbreak App]

With iOS 8 being jailbroken thanks to Pangu or TaiG jailbreak tools you can customize your iPhone and iPad with ease. For example, you can download multiple alarm clock app and clone your original alarm. This way you will definitely wake up on time because your phone will “ring” with a couple of minutes difference.

There is one interesting iOS 8 clock app called Clone Alarm. It is a jailbreak tweak so users who haven’t jailbroken their smartphone yet are not able to get it. It is available on Cydia which is an unofficial application store with numerous cool things for fans of unordinary staff that will never appear on the App Store.

Clone Alarm iPhone application makes it simple to set a lot of alarms at once. It just copies your main one and creates its clones with the time difference you choose. There is no need to set everything manually as creating multiple alarms can take some time.

Once you have the Cydia tweak on your cell phone you need to launch it and long hold your earlier created alarm to create copies. That’s nearly it. Just point at how many clones you wish to get and select your desired time difference. Click the option called Clone and everything will be done within a moment.

I surely wish this tool was free, but developers sell it for $0.99 on the BigBoss repo. If you are ok with paying a buck for the multiple clock application you can download it on Cydia and start using at once. The program supports both iOS 7 and iOS 8 devices.