Sunday, December 14, 2014

The List Of The Best iPhone Photo APP Extensions 2014

Here is the list of the best iPhone photo app extensions 2014. If you use your favorite iOS device to take, edit and share photos, then this is a list is for you. It feature plenty of experience-enhancing tools. All these extensions allow you to use the app’s functionality right from the stock Photos app on iOS. You don’t need to run software from other devices to add texts, add date stamp, apply photo or video filters, trim videos, remove metadata and duplicates and so on.

Paid iPhone Photo APP Extensions

Pixelmator ($9.99 / iPad)

Using Pixelmator’s powerful Photos app extension allows you to get on with the editing bit with utmost ease.

iMovie ($4.99 / iPhone and iPad)

With its iOS 8 extension it lets you “enhance video clips right in the Photos app,” allowing you with a tap of a handy button start editing.

Camera+ ($2.99 / iPhone)

With its own iOS 8 extension it allows you to take advantage of Camera+’s powerful editing tools and filters on any photos of your liking right from the Photos app.

Crop Video Square ($0.99 / iPhone)

Crop Video Square comes with its own iOS 8 extension, right from the Photos app allowing you to quickly select a video to crop.

Duplicate Photo ($0.99 / iPhone and iPad)

With the help of this app you can easily duplicate a photo for purpose of editing. Thanks to its handy extension for iOS 8 you’re not tarnishing your only copy right from the Photos app.

SnapStill ($0.99 / iPhone and iPad)

This app allows you quickly to get and save still images from videos stored on your iOS device. With its dedicated extension for iOS 8, without having to open up the standalone app itself you can do the same directly from the Photos app.

Free iPhone Photo APP Extensions

Color Blur (Free / iPhone)

Color Blur adds blur effects to your photos. There are no in-app purchases, unlike most other free apps. This app comes with its own iOS 8 extension. You can just choose the image right from the Photos and add the effect. The work is done!

Metapho (Free / iPhone and iPad)

This app allows you to view a photo’s metadata very quickly. Metapho can also remove its metadata. Everything can now be done from one place: you don’t need to scramble yourself to locate a photo to edit its metadata.

DateStamper (Free / iPhone and iPad)

With DateStamper extension for iOS 8, you can add date stamps to images from the Photos app.

Quick (Free / iPhone)

If you need very fast add text to your photos, this is the right app. And with iOS 8 extension support, you can add wonderful, stylish text from right within the Photos app.

So if you want to make your photo and video usage more easier check the best iPhone photo app extensions 2014.


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