Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Read Taig Team Interview To Get Better Acquainted

Everyone will have a chance to get more information and get better acquainted with Chinese group from Taig team interview. It was year ago when we first heard about this group. It was when the evad3rs released the evasi0n7 jailbreak, bundling the Chinese installer to their jailbreak utility for users in China.

To cut the long story short TaiG wasn’t what the evad3rs thought it was. It was clearly an installer that facilitated piracy. The situation led to evad3rs unbundling TaiG from their tool. At that time it was too late. Reputation was damaged. For everyone TaiG became the embodiment of piracy, not only in China but all around the world.

But after Chinese group has released the its jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1 this autumn all public was a little bit confused and surprised. Although after an authorized jailbreaker has confirmed the safety of jailbreak, we all quick forget about past case. For most people, having a jailbreak for the latest software version was all that mattered.

TaiG jailbreak became one of the most popular of the year, although the company behind it still remains quite a mystery, at least here in the US for Americans.

Who is the team behind the TaiG jailbreak? Here you will find useful information from TaiG team interview.

The TaiG was developed by XN. TaiG originates from ancient Chinese philosophy and in Chinese is pronounced “Taiji”. This team create a twitter account and fron there more and more iOS users in the US know about TaiG. At present time this team has cooperation relationship with only one company and want to build a reputable jailbreak brand. TaiG’s goal is to give users more freedom to use iOS.

XN stated that their jailbreak tool will work with recently released iOS 8.2 beta 3 software. He said that they are looking forward to the cooperation opportunity with Pangu team in the future. And added that they have been preparing “Worldwide Jailbreak Developer Meeting”. It will be held in China and will invite the top jailbreak developers from the worldwide to share and communicate with each other on January 16th, 2015.



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