Saturday, December 6, 2014

iPhone 6 WhinterBoard Crashing Fix Solutions

iPhone 6 WhinterBoard crashing fix is one of problems that users detect in their iDevices. WinterBoard is the popular theming app for jailbroken iOS devices, and one of the reasons why many consumers apply a jailbreak in the first place.

Anyone can easily skin just about each aspect of the user interface with complete ease once WinterBoard Themes is set up, supplying a distinctive custom look or picking from many of a huge selection of pre-made themes accessible.

Regrettably, although, it hasn’t still been upgraded for iOS 8 / 8.1 and iPhone 6/6 Plus, and as such, crashes a lot when installed. You can find solution below the iPhone 6 WhinterBoard crashing fix, until the official version will be released.

Jay Freeman created the WinterBoard. But everyone knows him as Saurik, creator of the Cydia.Together with his team Jay Freeman put in a grandiose work to bring the jailbreak of iOS 8 up to get the roll out of Pangu8. Being so busy he has not yet create the WinterBoard fixing tool.

But we have here a temporary fix for WinterBoard for users faced with its crashing. Follow this easy tips. After you have installed WinterBoard and then thrown into Safe Mode, you need to fire up the WinterBoard app. Then disable SummerBoard Mode.It can be temporary fix so it does not guarantee that you will not have the same crashes soon. For current time it is the best solution iPhone 6 WhinterBoard crashing fix.

WinterBoard app have not been changed since January. So we all hope that a real significant update will be released in the near future. So if you are iPhone 6 / 6 Plus owner and running the iOS 8 / 8.1, disabling SummerBoard Mode will help you till the update launch time.


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