Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Install iCaughtU Pro Jailbreak Tweak On iPhone

Install iCaughtU Pro jailbreak tweak on your device as it really helpful tweak. Can you imagine that jailbreaking helped to catch a thief who has stolen an iPhone.

One of the reddit users G1ngerBear told his story, about how one of our popular jailbreak tweaks iCaughtU Pro helped him to hunt for the woman who has stolen wife’s iPhone 6, and her location. In the end of the story he together with the police have caught the thief.

In south Edmonton he together with his wife went at a charity event. They took some pictures. Then before beginning in the church they hung up their jackets in the coat room. After the event was finished the wife realized that her phone had disappeared from her coat pocket. Using iCaughtU Pro Husband quickly requested her phones location and saw that it was 10 mins North of them. He thought that it was a mistake and checked the track again. That time it was further north and got the first image from a failed password attempt in his email. That was the picture of thief's with the smoke in her mouth.

The husband quickly raced over to the nearby police station, where he saw the policeman sitting in the car. He explained the situation and after starting a file policeman asked him to hop in so they could go find thief. Using the pictures and location received from iCaughtU Pro they were able to locate thief at a bus stop a few blocks away. As soon as they pulled up she came out with her hands up and said that hasn’t steal it! she just has found it on the street. She has been bringing it to the police station to return it. To which the policeman responded that the police station is a block away, it doesn’t look like she were on her way there. The husband said to her that phone was specially programmed to display a message to her asking for the return of the phone if she should find it, it even has a button to press in order to call him so that he can come retrieve it. He didn't have any missed calls and he know that she got the message because he had a picture of her sent to his phone when she failed to enter the correct password twice and the two go hand in hand. If she had intended on returning it she would have pressed the call button.

She was promptly arrested for possession of stolen property.

Users can also use Find my iPhone to track lost or stolen iPhone. To prevent your iPhone from being tracked, someone can easily turn it off. iCaughtU Pro tweak prevents someone from turning off the device, it also takes a photo and sends it email address together with the location, which can be dramatically useful in catching the thief. You can put the option to send the picture and location after someone enters the wrong password. It also has many of other features such as sending an SMS when SIM is changed, and ability to issue remote commands using SMS.

It is not the first, and it is not the last time when jailbreaking helps to catch thieves. There are many reasons to jailbreak the device, and install iCaughtU Pro is one of the major reason for many jailbreakers.


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