Wednesday, December 10, 2014

iCloud Drive Files Not Showing On iOS Device

If you get into iCloud drive files not showing trouble and have no idea how to fix it we will help you to review files. As more and more iOS users start to use documents in iCloud Drive to fill their cloud storage. An average person has quite a lot of data that occupy in that space. And many of them just lost the track to some of needed files.

We know what you need here Cloud Opener Free. It is an iOS app that helps you preview straight from your iPhone or iPad all your files on iCloud Drive.

Cloud Opener is quite a new app. Having one simple but powerful feature, you can get it absolutely for free. Why do you need it? When you use iCloud Drive on your Mac, it’s really easy to browse through all those files courtesy of Finder in OS X. Although on iOS, Apple for some indefinite reason hasn’t launched any dedicated app to access all the files that are stored in iCloud Drive from one place.

Cloud Opener is the app that has access to iCloud Drive, where right on your iPhone or iPad you can preview wide variety of file types. PDF, PNG, JPG, MOV, MP3, Pages, Numbers, Office files and others - are the type files that Cloud Opener supports.

This new app has one interesting and useful feature. It allows you add files to your messages or email straight from iCloud Drive. It is wonderful ability to share files right from the cloud. Cloud Opener lets to print documents directly from app. Also another feature lets users to compress files that are too large.

So if iCloud drive files not showing you can easily download Cloud Opener app for free.


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