Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How to Turn Off All Alarms on iPhone Simultaneously [Jailbreak App]

We already told you how to create multiple alarms on iPhone 6 using the jailbreak tweak Clone Alarm, and now it is time to learn about another app which helps you to turn off alarms on iPhone [all at once]. Having several alarms is comfy for users who like to sleep in the morning but don’t want to be late to work or school. If you choose to jailbreak iOS 8 with Pangu or Taig, you can enjoy different Cydia tweaks including Allarm.

If you decide to disale multiple alarms without iPhone app it will take some time and frustrate you. There is Allarm you need to know about which makes the whole thing simple, easy and enjoyable.

This tweak works with your native Clock application and inserts a new toggle into its interface. Use this toggle to disable iPhone alarm at once with just a click. Believe us, it will take you much more time if you decide to turn off each alarm individually rather than using the free tool.

This new jailbroken app is so simple that it offers no configuration or additional menu. Here is how it works.

Step 1. Download the free jailbreak Cydia Allarm app.

Step 2. Install it on your jailbroken iOS 8 smartphone.

Step 3. Launch Clock app where you will find the extra Toggle All Alarms option.

Step 4. Turn on / off all the alarms using the new toggle.

Enjoy this nice tip and save your time for some fun as there is no need to manually play with each of your alarm [if you have too many of them set up].


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