Saturday, December 27, 2014

How to Share Mac / PC files with iPhone 6 [Two Tools]

There are a lot of way how to share files between Mac and iPhone or your PC and iDevice. Thanks to different jailbroken tweaks and ordinary apps sold by developers you can choose the tool that suits you the best.

For example, you can share files between iPhone and PC or Mac using iMazing File Transfer application which is not free at all. Its price is pretty high, nearly $15, but this is the 50% off the retail cost. Users who decide to download such a program will be able to access iOS 8 file system and move files the way you need them to be rearranged.

You’ll be surprised at how to share PC files with iPhone becomes simple and easy. You’ll be able to move videos, songs, pictures, contacts, call history, voicemail and any other data between the smartphone and your computer back and forth. This way you can create iPhone 6 backup without using iTunes or iCloud. It is convenient but costly.

There is a different application that allows you to share files between iPhone and Mac. It is called AirDrop and you have most likely heard about it already. It works with iOS 7 and iOS 8 smartphones without any iCloud-connected programs [for example, you don’t have to use Messages] and Dropbox. On the newest iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite you can drag-drop files from iDevice to Mac with AirDrop and vice versa similar to iMazing File Transfer program.

It’s up to you which application to choose for easy file transfer between gadgets. Just discover the most popular solutions available in the market and select your favorite one.


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