Thursday, December 11, 2014

How To Display Remaining Battery Life On iPhone

Display remaining battery life iPhone is the major feature of a new jailbreak tweak. It gives owners of iPod touches, iPads and iPhones a new and much improved idea of just how long they can use their device before the battery will die and also how long they will take to charge it. Also you can find out how to check iOS 8 battery life usage with another tweak.

This new tweak is called Predix. It can be activated via an Activator gesture and it works well with iOS itself. At current time the tweak is not free, you should pay $1.49 to get it.

The Predix tweak is that category of apps that should be part of iOS as standard. The tweak supports iOS 7 and iOS 8 with battery life issues. How to display remaining battery life on iPhone? When a simple Activator action is performed (a swipe or particular button combination is pressed) a simple canvas of Predix appears over whatever’s on-screen of the device.

Whatever combination user choose, the resulting canvas will show how many time you can use your iOS device till it will run out of power or, if it’s currently charging, how long it will be before that 100% is reached.

Predix also has its own Settings menu in which you’ll find options for customizing how it presents its information. It has possible 24 different colors and styles to choose from.

The Predix tweak will help in that situation when you wait for an iPhone to charge before run outside to do some pressing work. This tweak will show you display remaining battery life iPhone.


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