Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How To Boost Volume In iOS 8.1 Devices

How to boost volume in iOS 8? Here is perfect tweak for you. In order to use this tweak you to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It is not a new tweak. It has been recently updated with the new iPhone 6/6 Plus support and the new iPads and iOS 8/8.1. With the help of updated Volume Amplifier tweak iOS devices volume can be increased volume up to 200 percent from the normal level. But be careful because it could damage your device speaker. So you can try this tweak at your own risk.

One of the recent updated popular tweak features is that it rise all sounds from the external and the ear speaker. If don't hear other person properly than Volume Amplifier will help you. After installation you need to keep pressing the Volume Up button even after it reaches the limit. Then you will see that the Volume Amplifier bar become activated.

You can regulate calls, songs, ringtones, your voicemail, Viber and much more. The Volume Amplifier can also increase the output in apps where an earphone or headphone is being used. Again please be carefully in usage because it can be very loud in your ears.

You will not need any settings to use this tweak. All you need is to straight up more sound. With the help of an Activator action you can easily reset Voice Amplifier. This tweak does not work on the older iPhone as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. As for iPhone 4s only the In-call Loudspeaker volume can be increased.

Here is how to boost volume in iOS 8.1.Use this Volume Amplifier with caution and if you really need it. Because of very high volume your speakers could be destroyed.


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