Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How iPhone 6 Changes After Being Boiled in Coca Cola [Video]

The cool iPhone 6 iOS 8 specs and features that are one of the main reasons millions of customers purchase this latest Apple device for everyday use also make this smartphone a popular prank idea. One user decided to put on an iPhone 6 boiling experiment and… boiled the gadget in Coca-Cola.

Not only the cell phone was treated this way but the video with the whole process soon appeared on YouTube. Whoever did this to Apple smartphone seems to follow different brutal tests [there were a lot of such experiments in the past with earlier iOS models]. You might have seen the results of iPhone being bended, blended in a mixer or dropped from different heights.

Still iPhone 6 Coca Cola boiled video is probably the craziest idea and thing you have ever watched.
The video of iPhone 6 boiling in Coca-Cola has been already viewed over 2 million times:

You can see that the iPhone owner first boiled coke making it a syrup with mostly sugar in it and then dipped the smartphone into this state. There was the smoke [you can guess that the battery can’t stand high temperatures], and then the brand new cell phone started to look like a badly damaged and useless device.

What a waste of iPhone 6, isn’t it?


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