Monday, December 22, 2014

Guide to iOS 8 All App Access from iPhone Lock Screen [Jailbreak Tweak]

Direct iOS 8 all app access from the Lock screen is not a miracle. You can gain it on your jailbroken iPhone and launch any of the program you like with ease. The huge iPhone lock screen app list has a lot of different titles you can give a try, but if you wish to save your time and nerves you should learn about AppBox 8 jailbreak tweak available on Cydia.

By the way, if you are new to Cydia you can jailbreak iOS 8 with Pangu or use TaiG iOS 8.1.1-8.1.2 jailbreak step-by-step instruction first. Being jailbroken means having much freedom which allows you installing a lot of third-party programs you can’t find on the App Store. Cydia is an alternative to Apple store but it contains only jailbroken applications.

AppBox 8 is a well-known iOS 8 lock screen app that has been updated to support the new operating system. It allows users opening all apps of your choice right from your Lock screen which just gets an extra option you can see when you swipe your display to left while it is locked.

How to Get Lock Screen App Access on iPhone iOS 8

Step 1. Download AppBox 8 from Cydia once you are jailbroken. But keep in mind that it is not free. The BigBoss repo has it available for $1.5.

Step 2. Enable the application by launching it and going to General menu.

Step 3. Once the tool is on you will see the favorite applications on a new page after you swipe from right to left across the locked screen.

What else can you do with the jailbreak tweak? It has shortcut option and various configurations. The new page will appear in your native Settings application once AppBox is installed on your iDevice.

It is simple to use and this lock screen iOS 8 application comes with auto-unlock feature and other options you can choose and enable-disable based on your wishes.

There are a lot of other interesting tweaks you might like to learn about. For example, here is how to use AirDrop tweak on iOS 8.1.2 smartphones.


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