Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Download The Interview Movie From iTunes On Apple Device

From now you have an ability to download the Interview movie from iTunes. Apple is streaming the controversial comedy priced the same as Google, YouTube, and other streaming services for $6 to rent and $15 to own.

The Interview is the comedy movie telling about the assassination of the ruler of North Korea Kim Jong-Un. Hackers who was tied to North Korea hack into Sony Pictures and steal terabytes of their data, and reveal thousands of the company’s email and internal memos to the public. James Franco and Seth Rogen play the major roles in the movie.

Sony stated last week, that because of lack of support from many independent theaters and secreted threats made by cyber hackers, they will not launch The Interview in theaters or online. Although after this statement President Obama declared his thoughts about Sony's plans to introduce the comedy because of the threat. Then Sony had released the movie on Christmas Day in more than 200 movie theaters and also online.

Due to the reports, Sony also asked Apple company on release day to stream the movie on iTunes, but at that time Apple refused. Although now it changed its mind and made the Interview available for renting and purchasing on iTunes in the US. The company suggested that the they simply didn’t want to work on “a speedy time table.” After iTunes Connect became available again on Sunday, Sony company has just uploaded the film themselves.

So if you want to join huge public of fans hurry up to download the Interview movie from iTunes and enjoy the great controversial comedy.


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