Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Apple New Campus 2 Video Tour [Construction Progress]

A lot of iPhone and iPad users as well as Mac and ATV fans might like to take Apple Campus tour, but it’s best to wait a bit because right now the company is constructing additional Event Theater and a big Parking Garage in Cupertino. This is Campus 2 and the works have continued throughout fall and winter [finally the company will get is own place for media events. This year it paid $1 million to U.S. College for holding iPhone 6 event].

If you’d like to peer inside Apple Campus 2 you can do so thanks to video you can find online and great photos of the place made by different companies. The iOS giant doesn’t keep everything in secret, and ordinary users can use the benefit of internet connection.

Apple Campus video and aerial images show an interesting structure shaped like a spaceship. The basic foundations have been built and the process moved to the actual structure. On the shots you can notice how many cranes are working across the new Campus.

It is believed that Apple will connect its main Wolfe Road’s entrance to the new parking garage underneath. The works on building the channel which will serve this purpose have already started.

Rumors about the future Event Theater say that this building will boast 120,000 square foot, and Apple spends over $160 million on this center. It will have a new auditorium where the iPhone creator will host its media events in 2016 or 2017 [Apple wants to add different facilities, offices and parking garages to the main construction plan and it is expected that the whole center will be built by the end of 2016].

The new parking facility will have over 5,000 vehicle parking spaces so people who visit the new Campus 2 will find a place where to park their car. The iOS ‘spaceship’ structure still has a long way to go till we see the final result, but we hope that new pictures will soon appear along with more information about the buildings.


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