Monday, November 24, 2014

Now Popular Apex 2 Tweak Is Updated For iOS 8.1 [Install]

Install Apex 2 on iOS 8.1 as this tweak has been already updated for the latest iOS. Over the past several weeks Apex 2, together with several well-loved tweaks from the jailbreak community, has gained a new update that adds an important new features to the main version that support iOS 8.1.

This very popular tweak created by A3Tweaks helps users to create app stacks of up to five total apps. Users can replace those ugly folders by effectively allowing app icons to act as folders themselves. It can be used to group similar apps in an lovely bundle. For example, using such option as tapping and swiping up on the Music app can be configured to open options to launch iTunes or Store Spotify, which at the very least looks more attractive than the iOS folder system uses by default.

The iOS 8.1 jauilbreak support is an important addition to this of Apex 2 update version, but it’s not the only one plus. The developer behind the tweak also fixed some bugs. The one that has been seen icons layouts reset during a respring. And the other is annoying glitch that meant that some icons wouldn’t be hidden when they should be.

Those who want to install Apex 2 on iOS 8.1device can download it for $2.99 right now, also including iPad. Users having Apex 2 for iOS 7 users can now update to Apex 2 latest version with support for iOS 8.1 for free. For some reason iOS 8.0.x is not supported.

I think that Apex 2 is so useful tweak that anyone should have it on a jailbroken device.


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